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Revenue Operations

Experience remarkable growth in action with our self-serve diagnostic tools and extensive array of sales specialties. We are your solution for addressing go-to-market challenges, seizing growth opportunities, and enhancing top-line growth planning, processes, and capabilities.

What We Do

At BTB, the advisors responsible for crafting innovative GTM strategies for your business are the ones who execute them. Our dual role as both strategists and hands-on implementers guarantees accountability and tangible results.

Growth Strategy


International market expansion is in our DNA. With a proven track record and a deep understanding of global markets, we have the expertise and capabilities to help your business successfully expand its footprint across borders.

Market Expansion


When it comes to achieving rapid and consistent growth, timing and agility are paramount. We provide actionable insights that drive impactful results from the very beginning.

Sales Execution


As leaders in advisory innovation, BTB provides comprehensive sales incubation support, offering a wealth of insights and expertise to drive enduring, sustainable growth.

Growth Acceleration 


We optimize sales force structures by aligning them with channel partners to maximize resource utilization. Our experts design compensation plans, and performance systems to drive sales success, and we provide operational support through the implementation of tools, processes, training, and seamless sales force adoption.

Salesforce effectiveness 


Specialize in solving critical challenges such as defining roles and responsibilities, customizing territories, optimizing sales efforts, and assessing performance through our expert commercial planning services.

Commercial Model design


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