What are the top 4 sales best practices you should follow

Sales functions across the industries are changing due to a period of significant change, dramatic changes in technology, more demanding customers, and globalization all posing both challenges and opportunities. As a result, it is more important than ever for organizations to implement the practices that best predict sustainable practices.

Below, we take a closer look at these 5 best practices worked well with the world’s leading 10 companies we worked.

1. Align Solutions to Customer Needs

The very best organizations work backwards from the customers’ context and attempt to sell solutions to real problems customers are facing. This may also mean identifying and tailoring the right solution for the right customer.

2. Hold Business Development Managers Accountable For Use of Tools and Resources

Winning sales organizations understand the value of consistency and accountability and give sales & marketing managers the responsibility of coaching employees and ensuring they use the tools and resources available. Most sales managers are currently spending less than an hour per week on coaching the skills and behaviours of their teams. The key best practice is ensuring that salespeople are equipped with the skills and knowledge to deliver unique value messages and propositions, based on the specific needs of each customer.

3. Develop and Implement Personal Improvement Plans

The sales leader without any personal improvement plans will don’t deserve to be in sales. Consistent excellence and process improvements will improve sales and numbers will not be just on the paper. Customers do not just expect a positive experience, they demand consistent excellence and so the sales. Great sales leaders take the time to find out the reasons why and take action to prevent customers from leaving for the same reasons in the future.

4. A strong success story -

A strong sales success story will include the following three elements: The problem our client faced; The solution we provided; The business impact attributable to our solution — both direct and indirect.

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