Best practices to improve B2B Account-based conversions

Marketing teams are constantly on the lookout for the right target accounts and the salespeople are always searching for enterprise leads. Most companies, obviously, want to see MARTech i.e. numbers reflecting on the dashboards. That’s where account-based marketing backed by RevOps(Revenue Operations) comes into the picture. Myth is "Marketing automation and personalisation tools will save the costs & it's become much easier for B2B marketers." After working with over 365 B2B Enterprises, we realised Marketing Automation is just a junk - automated emails land to spam, promotions, or updates, on the other hand, personalised emails have a better conversion if it's in-align with the ideal customer profile. 

If MARTech is implemented as expected for Account-based marketing, Lead Generators can stop wasting time on leads that are tough to convert or are of little value to a business, marketers get to focus on those that are more likely to show long-term commitment and higher profitability. 

Best Practices for task force :

  • Start small: 1 Sales Rep = 1 Lead Generator

  • As you scale, it's ok to add salespeople & eventually if the inside sales process is established, one lead generator can support 5 sales reps. 

  • Limit the number of accounts based on the number of salespeople.

  • The crucial thing is that the Sales Team & Lead generator team agrees on which accounts they are targeting.

  • Account plans should be simple & need to be in alignment: Who will be the buying committee? What pitch will you need for each buying committee?  

  • A/B Test to evaluate what's best with 17 different data points like company revenue size, ideal titles to name a few.

  • Choose only the relevant and right channels for all communication (choose only two channels).

The above are best practices from some of the best and high-converting campaigns we did so far. But each may vary based on the ideal customer profile. So remember to continually tweak, test, and optimize the approach you take to account-based marketing.

In case of any queries regarding best practices, feel free to pine me at 

Author: Harshal; CEO at BTB Venture

- World Marketing Conference (MADCon) recognized Harshal as Asia's Top Marketing & Advertising leader & invited as a keynote speaker.

- According to CEO Insights, Harshal as the "Most Inspiring Marketing Guru of 2020"

- Experienced CEO with a demonstrated history of working in the RevOps (Revenue operations), Customer Acquisition & Marketing Industry.

- Currently running a Million dollar startup to help companies improve their Sales, Customer Acquisition & Marketing. 

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