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Bring Growth & Innovation to lead the expansion of startups and mid-size companies.


Engagement & Enablement Towards Sustainable Business Model That Stands Tall In All Situation.


Help customer to reach target prospects with perfect art and create a wealth model for the customer to build a ecosystem. 



Co-founder & CEO

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Co-founded BTB with an intention to solve complex obstacles to drive revenue acceleration. 

Before BTB Venture, Harshal helped and witnessed the journey of 3 startups to become most popular mid-size. Prior getting into startup era, he worked with Wipro to lead operations and presales of Australia's largest telecom player. Holds MBA from Symbiosis & B.E. Computer from MET with an entrepreneurial passion to scale up businesses globally. 


Advisor & Board Member

Founder of Vijay Enterprises and also serving a huge customer base of India's fortune 500 & 1000 consumer electronics players. 

Helping & leading BTB to establish a policy based system and heading geographic representation. 




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After closely working in the space of Analytics & Machine learning, Krutika Co-founded BTB Venture to head technology development and operations.

Prior BTB, she worked with the popular Fintech product company to head product development.

Meet The Team

The BTB Group.

Lead Nurturing & Management; Account-based Marketing; Personalization; Cross Channel Management; Integrated Demand Generation Flow; MARTech & Measurement

Demand Generation

  • Campaign Design & Development

  • Lead Generation

  • Key Metrics Monitoring 

  • ROI Uplift & Redemption Analysis

  • Response & Conversion Tracking

  • New Product Launch

Brand Analytics & Consulting

  • Market Sizing & Segmentation 

  • Marketing Effectiveness Analytics

  • Brand Perception & Demand Drivers

  • Industry Research Report

  • Company-specific Report

  • Sales Consulting

Lead Generation

Turn Market Demand into revenue by allocating sales resources effectively to drive revenues up & selling costs down

Place the right talent in the right performance conditions to execute your Go-to-Market strategy & market expansion. 

Gain a deep understanding of the market, accounts & buyers so that you can make smarter decisions on how to allocate resources

Segmentation & Sales Strategy 

Talent Strategy