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Bring Growth & Innovation to lead the expansion of startups and mid-size companies.


Engagement & Enablement Towards Sustainable Business Model That Stands Tall In All Situation.


Help customer to reach target prospects with perfect art and create a wealth model for the customer to build a ecosystem. 



Co-founder & CEO

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Co-founded BTB with an intention to solve complex obstacles to drive revenue acceleration. 

Before BTB Venture, Harshal helped and witnessed the journey of 3 startups to become most popular mid-size. Prior getting into startup era, he worked with Wipro to lead operations and presales of Australia's largest telecom player. Holds MBA from Symbiosis & B.E. Computer from MET with an entrepreneurial passion to scale up businesses globally. 

The BTB Group.


Advisor & Board Member

Founder of Vijay Enterprises and also serving a huge customer base of India's fortune 500 & 1000 consumer electronics players. 

Helping & leading BTB to establish a policy based system and heading geographic representation. 




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After closely working in the space of Analytics & Machine learning, Krutika Co-founded BTB Venture to head technology development and operations.

Prior BTB, she worked with the popular Fintech product company to head product development.

Meet The Team

Lead Nurturing & Management; Account-based Marketing; Personalization; Cross Channel Management; Integrated Demand Generation Flow; MARTech & Measurement

Demand Generation

  • Campaign Design & Development

  • Lead Generation

  • Key Metrics Monitoring 

  • ROI Uplift & Redemption Analysis

  • Response & Conversion Tracking

  • New Product Launch

Brand Analytics & Consulting

  • Market Sizing & Segmentation 

  • Marketing Effectiveness Analytics

  • Brand Perception & Demand Drivers

  • Industry Research Report

  • Company-specific Report

  • Sales Consulting

Lead Generation

Turn Market Demand into revenue by allocating sales resources effectively to drive revenues up & selling costs down

Place the right talent in the right performance conditions to execute your Go-to-Market strategy & market expansion. 

Gain a deep understanding of the market, accounts & buyers so that you can make smarter decisions on how to allocate resources

Segmentation & Sales Strategy 

Talent Strategy