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BTB Venture Group

Let's partner in creating a predictable sales pipeline with the world's #2 revenue operations firm

The Premier Catalyst for Worldwide Business Expansion


With pioneering strategies, human powered machine driven approach, and steadfast commitment, we empower companies to overcome sales obstacles, extend their influence, and attain exceptional growth.


To accelerate your business growth, you require a stream of qualified opportunities, and with Saleswater, you can have KPI driven business development team up and running in under two weeks.

Accelerate Tangible Growth Through Change

Purpose driven growth

Founders partner with Saleswater to unlock rapid revenue generation, establish a predictable sales funnel, and achieve intelligent growth by outsourcing your entire sales process. Plus, consider outsourcing your Chief Business Development Officer for a holistic approach to scaling your business. 

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For Founders & Owners


B2BDemand Generation

Sales team seamlessly integrates CRM and watch as our team supercharges your opportunity pipeline. By equipping your sales teams with invaluable B2B data and deep insights, we help you establish a reliable process that consistently delivers exceptional results. Elevate your SDR teams with our support whenever necessary. 

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For Sales Teams



If you're a product owner, we kickstart sales dialogues with your essential target clients. Partnering with us means you won't be passing on leads that your sales team dismisses immediately. Our proven ability to provide authentic Sales Qualified Leads underscores our credibility and commitment to your success.

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For Product Owners



650+ Partnerships


Over 650 companies have achieved remarkable results, slashing sales costs by 60% and igniting demand growth by 30% to 65% across markets spanning the USA, APAC, Europe, and the GCC.

Keynotes & Interviews

Media Coverage

Latest Partnerships





Etairos Group, JSI Communications



Shoptimize &





"I find their eagerness to achieve sales most impressive. We have a very complex product, and they do an excellent job of getting prospects interested.

They exceeded our expectations, successfully delivering qualified leads that led to new business across Asia."


Vardhan Phadnis

Co-founder of Shoptimize (acquired by

Asia's top Shopify Competition Achieves 400% Growth in Five Years, Dominating the Market.

Succesful inside sales partership! 


"Before BTB, we were spending money unnecessarily on purchasing bad lists and unsuccessfully spending time cold-calling those bad lists. However, after a few weeks of analyzing our verticals and a few months of fine-tuning our strategy, we now receive a great ROI for hard-to-convert industries. They are a true strategic partner."


LaMarcus Bolton

Director & CEO of Ambivista (LA, United States)

US-based top consulting firm saves $150,000 per year with us

Succesful inside sales partership! 


"BTB is more than just a demand generation firm, we're now part of an incredible team that helps educate us and improve our inside sales funnel. BTB stood out to us and helped us market in several countries and languages."


Juliana Pederzoli 

Director of Origen Tech (Latin America & Europe)

Latin American tech firm revolutionizes sales with a 70% increase in funnel efficiency across four countries 

Succesful inside sales partership! 

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